hi, i'm io! welcome to my everything-site where i scatter things from every part of my life!

thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay! feel free to check out the links in the sidebar and the sites of my friends linked below :-)

recently updated:

7.7.24 - added about page! i'm on a roll!

6.23.24 - added journal section!

6.18.24 - still not dead. renamed site, remade homepage.

11.9.23 - not dead, just busy... updated webring button.

7.4.23 - added art page.

1.4.23 - added photography page.

22.3.23 - added collection page. updated links

17.2.23 - completely redid homepage. added secondlife page.


add a section with oc profiles.

finish rpg maker engine page.

finish denpa genre page.

update tea diary and relink it.